Conversations in automated code remediation at Devnexus 2023

May 8, 2023
Auto-remediate at Devnexus 2023

Key Takeaways

Moderne was thrilled to be a part of Devnexus 2023 this year, the largest Java conference in North America. 

We met with many attendees to talk about their challenges in updating and maintaining their code, and shared the value of Moderne for keeping up with security vulnerabilities, framework upgrades, and code quality improvements. 

Nearly everyone who came by the booth walked away with an ah ha moment. A realization that technical debt does not have to be a weight on the development team. Spring migrations don’t have to be dreaded. Security vulnerability remediation does not have to stop development momentum.

Our CEO and Co-Founder Jonathan Schneider spoke about this at his packed session in the Core Java track: How to Fix Your Technical Debt Dilemma.

It was exciting to see how automated remediation can address real problems for everyone we talked to—from individual developers to managers and architects. Watch the full session video.

Moderne was also fortunate to meet up with the DevOps Speakeasy folks at Devnexus for a couple of conversations. First up, Jonathan shared what automated code remediation is all about, and its origin from his time at Netflix. Then he was asked about whether generative AI will be taking away developers' jobs, and you’ll want to hear Jonathan’s answer to that (hint: the law of conservation of developer resources). And he also shared his view on security as a lighthouse versus security helping developers with auto-remediation. It’s a great conversation. 

Next up: Raquel Pau Fernández and Tim te Beek (from the awesome Moderne engineering team) were interviewed by DevOps Speakeasy. They talked about the myriad use cases for auto-remediation, as well as highlighted the growing OpenRewrite ecosystem that is developing transformation recipes across a broad range of languages and technologies. Another great listen.

We're pleased that attendees who stopped by our booth left with newfound knowledge of auto-remediation and Moderne (and maybe a stroopwafel and t-shirt too).

Thanks for a great event, Devnexus! Looking forward to next year. Contact us for more information about how to get started with Moderne.